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extraterrestrial origin of the water confirmed

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U.S. astronomers have recently observed water ice on an asteroid 24 Themis. A discovery which reinforces the idea that water has probably been brought to Earth by the impact of such bodies.
Among the many asteroids that orbit in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter, 24 Themis could go unnoticed. Discovered in April 1853 by the Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis, this rock about 200 kilometers long circulated anonymously to nearly 500 million kilometers from Earth. It has to be a campaign of observations in the infrared IRTF (InfraRed Telescope Facility for), a telescope diameter of 3 meters installed at the observatory of Mauna Kea (Hawaii). This work was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Central Florida who has published the findings in the journal Nature.
By analyzing sunlight reflected from the asteroid, they discovered the spectral characteristics of water ice and various organic molecules containing carbon. To Humberto Campins, University of Florida, the presence of water ice on (and maybe inside) the asteroid is suspected for a long time, but this is the first time we directly observed .

The IRTF telescope is mounted on top of Mauna Kea at over 4000 meters. Credit NASA
Water extraterrestrial valuable new material
As is the case of comets, the ice water on asteroids is expected to sublime because of the action of the sun and its detection 24 Themis is somewhat unexpected. It must then consider the continuous renewal of this icy layer, a process that could provide a underground tank.
The idea that collisions with asteroids could have brought the water on Earth is confirmed a little more. Although geologists have long believed that the Earth's mantle degassing could be the source of our oceans, the discovery of certain water-rich meteorites such as chondrites has gradually helped to develop a scenario where water would land an extraterrestrial origin. According to this hypothesis comets and asteroids bombarded our planet came a few tens of millions of years after its formation.
This first detection of water ice on an asteroid is so important that the English astronomer Henry Hsieh not hesitate to consider it a value comparable to the discovery in 1938 of a prehistoric fish was thought extinct the coelacanth. Water, a valuable new material from outer space, after gold, platinum and black diamonds ...

Roswell Video

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Roswell video is true or fake ? post your comments

Stephen Hawking is worried about aliens.

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Stephen Hawking is worried about aliens.

“If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the native Americans,” he said recently.

Yes, it's totally true fact. The alien phenomenon will completely change our way to analyze and conceive the world. Chaos will not necessary come from alien side but from human.

What we need you eggheads to figure out is exactly how we hide from these alien invaders. Perhaps a planet-sized curtain that reads, “Next Gas: Venus.” Or how about we light a big fire on Mars and hope the smoke cloud drifts over and covers up the Earth?

If we assume such advanced extraterrestrial being come on earth , we will could do no more than hide underground or reverse engineering. Maybe our governments can give us insight about their UFO reverse enginnering program? Are our armies ready to protect us with such advanced technologies or completely vulnerable like the little mouse in front of all human researchers.

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President of the Russian republic of Kalmoukie claimed to have encountered extraterrestrials

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One deputy of russia called the autority of country to ensure mental health of eccentric president Kirsan Ilioumjinov. He's president of republic of Kalmoukie. He claims to have encountered aliens and even did ride in their spacecraft, reported Thursday the press Russian agency.

who runs an iron fist this Russian republic bordering the Caspian Sea, often said to have met aliens in 1997 and participated in a flight for a few hours with them, a story he repeated at the end of April the Russian TV .

"Please indicate whether the head of the republic of Kalmykia has made a report to the presidential administration about its contacts with an extraterrestrial civilization," commented Andrei Lebedev, a member of the ultra-nationalist LDPR, a address to the authorities picked up by the media.

"Is there a regulation on such contacts with senior officials of countries that have access to secret information, as is the case of Ilyumzhinov?" Asks the deputy.

"If it's a joke, I do not understand. Our group believes that we must ensure the health but also the mental state of the leaders of regions, "he also told the website of the popular daily Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, head of Kalmykia for 17 years, provides the last ten years have encountered extraterrestrials "in yellow suits" with whom he communicated telepathically, before making a turn with them aboard their spacecraft, " a sort of semi-transparent tube.

Aged 48, he is also president of the International Chess Federation (Fide) since 1995.

Fan chess, which he was champion Kalmyk, he sees his predominantly Buddhist republic as the world center of failures and based near the capital, Elista, the "City Chess", an imposing building complex dedicated to the game

We should not refrain information and let it freely avalaible and not enact law to cover the alien phenomenon. It's part of human evolvement to aware the existence of aliens. Peoples creating religions and beliefs because no explaination is there.. would you prefer to let peoples in shadow?

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Alien Fiction Or Fact?

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Dear humans and brothers aliens,

We live on earth since our birth, a lot of us, never attempts to ask ourself if we are the only intelligence specy of universe. What would beleive me the only intelligence specy? :?:

My pretentious or vanity could prevent me to even think the antithesis possibility. Somehow, world population may afraid to recognize one specy can be way beyond our intelligence spectrum. Religious groups may fear the lost of their hold on faithful. Faithful may prefer to confort their mind in religious and superior mind (guru). Religious have been always there to justify the tearful drama , the immoral , the suffering and explaining the mysteries of life.

Someday, when the science and metaphysical will cross the bridge to reunite them, all the mysteries will fall and the religious power will cease forthwith. Religious power will try to travesty all that discoveries into religious subject but the world will not be fooled... All the minds of world will be at that time unfettered of their reliance.

Usa Government like just spy, gathering all the aliens technologies for their own superioty over other other nation. Moreover, Government is too shameful to disclose the superioty of an alien ET specy. Some reasons could explain it. In first place, the fear of chaos or emmergency emotional state after the world know the potentional vulnerabilities of our security. Secondly, some extremists groups can over-react at such kind of revealation.

In the infinity of galaxies our earth just look like a small dust dot in universe.. Quantum phsyical starting to recognize some matters just years early was intangible in our human mind. As you could notice, the technology will play a key role in future human evolvement and science advancement.

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